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Harbor Breeze Fan Remote Not working

In this article of Harbor Breeze Outlet, we shall discuss the Harbor Breeze Fan remote not working.

Harbor Breeze Fan Remote Not working or Harbor Breeze fan Programming Instructions

After buying a ceiling fan whether it is of Harbor Breeze or of any other company, you may need support in the future. Same is the case with Harbor Breeze fan remote and people search for instructions to reset it or Harbor Breeze fan remote not working. If your Harbor Breeze ceiling fan has stopped working, firstly, you need to go through our Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Remote Troubleshooting article to troubleshoot it. If you are still having problems, try to reset it or you need to go through these steps and follow them. There are six steps to change your statement from Harbor Breeze fan remote not working to working.

Step 1:

First of all, you need to shut down the electricity of your home before you program it. Then you need to open the service panel to access the circuit breaker switches and turn the fan off. It will save you from any kind of electric shock.

Step 2:

Secondly, you have to remove the battery compartment which is covered from the back of the remote. Remove the batteries to make visible the dip switches.

Step 3:

Thirdly, you have to compare the dip switches of your Harbor Breeze remote control with dip switches on the receiver unit of your fan. If you want to operate them properly, you need to match both units.

Step 4:

Fourthly, you have to replace the battery compartment cover as well as remote battery.

Step 5:

Fifthly, you will have to restore the electricity of your Harbor Breeze ceiling fan to On position.

Step 6:

Lastly, you have to press three buttons on your remote control to synchronize it to the fan. It includes Hi, Med and Lo buttons.

Follow these six steps to make your Harbor Breeze ceiling fan working.


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Introduction to Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fans

Introduction to Harbor Breeze ceiling fans, our outlet includes Harbor Breeze fans, Light Kits & their Replacement parts.

An Introduction to Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fans outlet

We welcome you to the Harbor Breeze ceiling fans outlet or resource website. We endeavor to build this website for the sake of help and troubleshooting and other useful information. Harbor Breeze outlet also own another larger and master website which also has troubleshooting information and guides. Our outlet includes ceiling fan parts for Harbor Breeze fans and downloadable manuals in PDF formats.

The rest of the parts you can find at Lowe’s store. Lowe’s is the only retail seller of Harbor Breeze ceiling fans and parts. The fans are produced by China. We have added a 1-800 number on this outlet so that you can seek help when you require. Lowe’s customer support 1-800 is available at specific hours during the whole week. Additionally, you can also go to another place to get the support that is, Home Depot community forums.

You can also get installation instructions on this resource website. It will not take long to install your Harbor Breeze ceiling fan. Usually, it takes less than an hour. If you are good enough then you can do it in half an hour.

Harbor Breeze Remote App

It is now possible to control your Harbor Breeze ceiling fan from your android or smart phone. If you own a smart phone like Samsung Galaxy, iPhone or any other then you can control a ceiling fan from your phone. In addition, you can also control multiple fans. These days you may find different apps and ways to control media and other forms of electronics by using your phone.

Being able to interact digitally with the world and surroundings and it is called “the Internet of Things”. They also use an abbreviation that is, IOT. It is making changes to our way of interaction and usage of electronics in daily routine. It will connect your smart phone to your fan via Bluetooth. Additionally, it is also possible that your fan does not have a Bluetooth. Do not worry about it because ceiling fans are not built with Bluetooth in them. In order to perform this task, the customer needs the Home Depot Bluetooth remote.

How to Use a Bluetooth Remote for Harbor Breeze Remote App:

If the customer has the remote then he can pair the app with the remote. Then you will be able to control the settings of the fan from your smart phone. You can turn the fan on and change the speed etc. The app will support all the functions which you can do with the remote. Nowadays, you can perform all the tasks of your remote by using a phone app. Additionally, there are several universal remotes available in the market which you can use for this purpose. You can also use the remote if you do not want to use the Bluetooth method.

If you use the app then you will get rid of the need for the hardware. Losing a remote is a common issue for the customers. It will be expensive for you to buy replacement reports all the time. Firstly, you will have to sync your app with the fan. Then it will be as easy as you use your phone to talk to your dear ones. You can also connect these functions to a home automation systems too.

Download Harbor Breeze Remote App:

You can download a remote control app for your ceiling fan from PlayStore .

Get Support from Harbor Breeze Customer Support

Get Harbor Breeze Customer Support

Harbor Breeze is dealt by Lowe’s and China produces the fans for them. When you will go through online community forums you will get this discussion in most places. There are some people who are familiar with ceiling fans will advise you to buy it from a dealer. If you go through the posts and read information about ceiling fan who is a devotee of the ceiling fan, you will find this atmosphere. It is because of the fact that sometimes you may not be able to get replacement parts from Harbor Breeze.

Thank God, there is a 1-800 number which is available for the sake of your support.

To contact Lowe’s customer support for Harbor Breeze: 1-800-643-0067

Working Hours:

Monday to Saturday

7 am to 1 am Eastern Standard Time (EST)

Sunday 10 am to 9 pm (EST)

Where Can I Find Harbor Breeze Replacement Parts

It is one of the most common questions which are posted to forums and online communities. Where can i find Harbor Breeze replacement parts? Therefore, we will try to give you step by step instructions regarding your replacement part or where to find it.

Firstly, do you know what part do you need? You may find it a stupid question but it requires a specific information which you should have. This information will help you to find your replacement parts as early as possible. The make and the model of the fan are the main information which you need. If your fan still has a service plan or warranty then take it for servicing first. It is also an advantage to have a warranty. If you are not sure about the duration then think or try to find out the duration. After thinking, go through the manual or the box of the fan to determine the warranty. Lowe’s and Amazon have Harbor breeze ceiling fan replacement parts.

Here is a list of Harbor Breeze fan parts which are carried by Amazon and Lowe’s:

  • Mounting Hardware
  • Light Kits
  • Globes and Shades
  • Fan Remotes
  • Fan Blades and Arms

If you still have original Harbor Breeze ceiling fan manual then you will find a list of parts. You will also find contact details for support too. If you do not find it then you can contact Harbor Breeze Fan Company directly by dialing 1-800-643-0067.

How to Prevent Wobbling Ceiling Fan

It is quite simple to prevent your fan from wobbling or warped blades. The main reason is with the passage of time, the fan accumulates dirt and dust on the top. This is a common reason and it is unknown for most of the people. You may not be able to look that dust because of the alignment of the fan during the spinning. But the dirt and dust are one of the common reasons that cause the blades to warp. Most of the house owners do not have any idea about it and it leads to bend on a Wobbling Ceiling Fan.

Steps to Avoid Harbor breeze Wobbling Ceiling Fan

If you want to stop this then try to clean the fan every six months or so. If your fan is heavily used then you need to do it twice in the six months. Use a cloth with water to clean the fan because it is one of the easiest ways to perform this task. You can also use a slightly wet cloth. Additionally, if you possess an electrostatic cloth which picks up the dirt well then it is the best way. Just use a slightly wet cloth and do not try to use soap or other chemicals. It is for the sake of your fan’s finish because it can damage the finish. First of all, you make sure that the cloth is clean. It is because the dirty cloth will start wiping things on the fan.

Once you are done with top and the bottoms of the fan blades then wipe the rest of the fan too. In order to perform this task, you do not need to remove the fan from the ceiling. You can wipe those things which are easily visible including a motor housing and motor mount. You should wipe down the blades and the fan often it will remove the dirt and dust. If it will remain on the top of the fan then it will lead to the warp of the blades.

Use a Blade Balancing Kit to Resolve a Wobbling ceiling fan Issue

If your Harbor Breeze ceiling fan starts experiencing wobbles then you should use blade balancing kit. It will resolve your issue and it has instructions that how to use it. Your task is to identify the warp blade by using the balancing kit. You cannot figure out it with human eye because the blade is unbalanced by a few fractions of an inch. It will make the whole fan wobble while spinning. Firstly, take a closer look at the fan and spin it slowly then identify that if any blade is out of alignment. If you go through the wobble then you may find the blade which is causing the wobble.

After doing it, try to use the blade balancing kit to determine which blade is causing the problem. When you figure out the blade which is making an issue then try to repair it by tightening its nuts and bolts. Also, clear the top of the fan blades to make it balanced. In the worst case, you will have to purchase the replacement fan blades in order to replace the warped blades. It is an easy task to replace the warped blade and you need to unscrew the correct screws or blade bracket.

[ Source: Fire How ]

How to Install a Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan

Learn How to Install a Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan yourself

How to Install a Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan

We can say that cooling and heating can account for half of your electricity bill. Do you know that there are several ways to minimize it. If you have a Harbor Breeze ceiling fan in your home then you can save up to 40% of the energy bill. It is an easy task to install a ceiling fan and you will run it in exchange of AC. Additionally, the customer can run it with the furnace. After following both activities, you can save forty percent of the energy bill easily. You have to collect several tools in order to install a ceiling fan on your own.

Tools for Installation of a Ceiling Fan:

  • Electrical tape
  • Circuit tester
  • Screw driver
  • Ladder
  • Pliers
  • Ceiling Fan Kit
  • Wire Connectors
  • Wire Strippers
  • Drill with driver and bit
  • Safety Glasses
  • You may need a metal electric ceiling fan box too

First of all, decide the size of a ceiling fan which you will buy for your sweet home. It depends on the wall of your room if it has a 12 feet wall then use a 36-inch fan or smaller. If the longest wall of your room is 12-15 feet then go for 42 to 48-inch fan. Lastly, if you have the longest wall more than 15 feet then 52-inch or larger fan is recommended. You have to go through the instructions before installing it. In addition, you may need a permit to install it, it depends on local building codes. You should do proper research in advance.

After getting ready you should turn off the main power breaker first. Make sure that there should not be a hot lead and check it with a wire tester. In a nutshell, make sure that electricity is not running through the line. After shutting down the power, remove the existing fixture from the ceiling. If your existing box to which the fixture is mounted to is made of plastic then exchange it with a steel box. If the steel box is not attached well then you may need an expandable mounting bracket too.

  • Use mounting screws to secure the bracket to the ceiling electrical box.
  • After doing it, assemble the fan.
  • Then pull the wires down through the canopy and downrod.
  • After doing it, now insert the rod into the housing.
  • Use connector pin and counter pin to secure the downrod to the housing.
  • Then tighten the set screw on the side of the downrod.
  • Lift the assembled unit to the mounting bracket and you need an extra hand too to complete it.
  • After doing it, connect the green ground and white neutral wire to the same color in the ceiling box.
  • If your fan has a light kit then you will attach both remaining wires with the same color in the box.
  • Use electrical tape to secure the wire connectors.
  • Push the wires into the electrical box.
  • Seat the canopy then secure it with the screws which came with the fan.
  • After securing motor, now mount the fan blades with the screws and washers which came with the fan.
  • In order to install the light, you have to follow the instructions.

Lowe’s also provides installation services.

Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Wiring

Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Wiring Tips

Are you facing any problem while using your Harbor Breeze ceiling fan? You may face one of the following issues:

  • While installing Harbor Breeze ceiling fan you need an extra hand for wiring and installation.
  • If you want to repair a fan which is not working properly and you feel that it has a wiring issue.
  • You desire to uninstall ceiling fan.
  • There is power surge and now the fan is not working properly. There is a chance that it may or may not be a wiring problem.

If you want to separate your ceiling fan because of wiring problem. Then we suggest you have a multi meter along with you. It can help you to identify that whether there is a break in the circuit or not.

Assessment out of the Fan Box:

  • You will find the wire hot which is black in color. Its hotness shows that it has a current inside it.
  • There is a wire which we call a neutral wire which is white in color.
  • A ground wire which can be made of copper, brown or black.
  • A switched-hot which is red in color.

You have to match the running wires from the box in the ceiling with the green wires. And ground wires should be connected with the bare ground wire. You can also find blue wires there which are for the support of a light. Additionally, the customer can cop both leads with wire nuts if not using these ends. Connect the black wire on the fan to the red wire from the ceiling. If black works decently then try to connect black to red. After doing that connect the green to green and white to white.

Representation of Colors for Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Wiring:

Hot wire = Black

Neutral wire = White

Ground wire = Copper

Switched-hot = Red



Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Remote Troubleshooting

Read the details below about Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Remote Troubleshooting.

Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Remote Troubleshooting

It is another one of the common issues and it applies to all the ceiling fans including Harbor Breeze ceiling fans. There are a number of reasons that the remote may stop working. Therefore, the troubleshooting of remote is common because it refers to all remotes. There are some steps to understand the troubleshooting of the remote. You may need to try them in the future in terms of troubleshooting.

First of all, try to check batteries because that is the most common part to start. Replace the batteries even if replaced them a week ago. If it does not work then try to check the remote. You may find a light that turns on when you communicate with the fan. Is the light of the remote is turning on or idle? If the light is not turning on then your remote is not sending the signals. If your remote is sending the signals then you have to match the frequencies of the fan and remote. You have to do it by checking the dip switches. Usually, they set on the same way both the remote and the fan. If the fan is not turning on but the lights of the remote are on then there is a problem with the fan. Then you need to check the reverse switch to put them forward or reverse to check if it works.

Other Parts of Troubleshooting

If you turn on the fan and it is trying to turn but making a groaning noise or smoke then turn off the fan. You may find a problem with the motor. If the lights of the fans are also turn off and you do not find any power at all then there is an electric short within the fan. Same is the case when you turn on the fan and it does not turn. Then you need to open the housing of the fan to check the electrical connections. Before going through the wiring of the fan, you need to shut down the power from the circuit breaker. After shutting down the power, you can go through the wiring and have an inside look. First of all, check the loose connections. Additionally, you can use a multi meter to do that task if you are aware of it.

Harbor Breeze ceiling fan remote is also one of the most replaced accessories. It is because it is used by different people in the house and outside the house (guests). You may lose it somewhere in the couch or break it. It is not a costly replacement part to purchase and it is affordable too. It has the ability to control the speed of the fan it can control the slow, medium and high speed of the fan.

Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Remote Troubleshooting video:



Harbor Breeze Troubleshooting

You can find some Harbor Breeze Troubleshooting tips on our website. We are of the view that we can help you to troubleshoot your Harbor Breeze ceiling fan. You may face several issues which are common and applicable to these fans. We shall discuss them one by one.

Fan is not turning on – Harbor Breeze Troubleshooting

If your fan is not turning on then you may call it a simple issue but it is not. However, we will try to make things simple or easier for you by giving you a piece of advice or guidance. Firstly, you have to identify the problem that where is it? Let’s start from how do you start your fan. There are two things to do it that are pull chain and remote. If you have done both steps and your fan is still not turning on then you need to take a closer look.

When you start the fan from the remote

Are you facing a problem with the remote? If your remote is not working and your pull chain is working or not? If you are unable to start your fan with both options then you need to move to next step. Otherwise, you have to troubleshoot the remote first.

When your fan does not start in any way and remote troubleshooting is also unsuccessful

Is your fan make any noise when you turn it on?

When you start the fan and hear a grinding noise then turn off the fan immediately. You may have a problem with the motor. You can identify these problems if your fan is turning on slowly and not turning in a proper way. The customer may hear the grinding noises and that can be coming out of the motor. When you face this situation then your motor tries to turn the fan but fails. There are several causes behind it including bad blade, bad blade arm or being fan dirty or bad mechanical parts. Therefore, you should clean the fan well especially the blades of the fan. Then check any noticeable issue with the fan blades like dents, warps or any other. The blades of the fan should be symmetrical otherwise, you may face a problem because of unbalanced blades. You can use blade balancing kit for this purpose.

Does your fan work in reverse or forward mode?

If your fan is working in reverse but not in a forward position or vice versa then there may a problem with the motor or other mechanical parts. The reverse module shows that bad inside of the fan but the replacement is not expensive. It may cost you 30$ in many cases. If you face the problem after a problem surge then try the following steps.

  • Turn off the fan by using the remote control
  • Then spin the blades manually in the direction you desire to turn the fan by using your hands slowly
  • Turn the fan off and on couple of times
  • Repeat the steps until your fan starts working properly

After doing Harbor Breeze Troubleshooting you will not face the problem again.


Harbor Breeze Customer Support, Phone Numbers and Contact

If you are trying to find a contact of Harbor Breeze customer support then we can give you the support number. You can easily contact the manufacturer directly by dialing this number. But you should keep it in your mind that we are not affiliated with them. Harbor Breeze outlet only gives repair and technical information for your sake. After contacting them, if you are unable to solve the mystery then you can post a comment or put forward a question by filling the form on our website. If we will be able to help you then we will respond to you as early as possible.

Questions you may ask about getting support from Harbor Breeze Customer Support

  • How can I get warranty support?
  • I need a replacement part for my Harbor Breeze ceiling fan and where can I get it?
  • I tried to find my desired part from the local hardware store but could not find it. What to do?
  • Can I cover my problem under warranty?
  • How to get support over the phone for my Harbor Breeze ceiling fan or related issues?

You can contact them from Monday to Saturday, 9 a.m to 5 p.m Eastern Standard Time (EST). If you want to contact the manufacturer then dial the below number

Manufacturer’s Phone Number 1(800) 643 0067

Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Warranty

Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Warranty

If you face Harbor Breeze ceiling fan warranty issue then you will have to contact Lowe’s. Firstly, you have to ask about your warranty whether it is in warranty or not. There are few steps to follow for that purpose.

  • You may find the warranty of your ceiling fan printed on the original box or in the manual.
  • The customer can also contact the customer support center of Lowe’s and determine the warranty by giving your serial number.
  • You can also buy extended warranties from the store when you buy it.

Usually, the warranty includes motor only. Sometimes you get some other parts too under the warranty. If you want to claim warranty or need support then you will have to contact Lowe’s. Harbor Breeze ceiling fans come of Lowe’s and they import the fans from China. Therefore, you cannot go somewhere else to claim your warranty except Lowe’s. Lowe’s and Home Depot have the access to these fans only.
If you want to contact Lowe’s customer support with reference to Harbor Breeze : 1.800.643.0067

Hours of Response

Monday to Saturday

7 am to 1 am Eastern Standard Time (EST)

Sunday 10 am to 9 pm Eastern Standard Time (EST)



Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Manuals

Some of Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Manuals can be found here you can select by finding your model.

Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Manuals

After purchasing a Harbor Breeze ceiling fan you have to face a difficult task of finding a manual. It becomes frustrating when you do not find it after knowing that it came with the same box. Usually, the first task people do is to search and search only. If you fail in doing so then you need to note down the following information about your product.

  • The model and make of the fan which is available on the box. For example, Harbor Breeze Clearwater ceiling fan.
  • If you find additional part numbers on the box.
  • If you already know some part numbers of the fan.

As we know that Harbor Breeze is the house brand of Lowe’s therefore, you can get help from them. You need to visit their local Lowe’s store or you can also call them on 1-800 customer support number. There are several online sources which are providing replacement Harbor Breeze manuals in a PDF format. We try to add new Harbor Breeze ceiling fan manuals for your sake, therefore, try to check back.

How to Install a Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan

The first thing you may try to find in the manual that is, how to install a Harbor Breeze ceiling fan. If you are facing the same problem then you should know that the installation instructions are usually very common, and If you still want information about how to install a Harbor Breeze fan then go through our installation page. If you give preference to install a ceiling fan than AC then it will help you to save 40% energy bill by leaving the AC. You can also run it with the furnace and it will also save energy costs in the same manner.

Usually, most of the ceiling fans contain an installation guide. It may differ from fan to fan but you will find general instructions the same. If you are unable to find the relevant installation guide then you have to go with the instructions which are similar to that fan. You need to select those fans which have the same mounting method. If you are installing a flush mount, a low profile or hugger Harbor Breeze ceiling fan then you will need the same type of instructions. It means that you have to find flush mount ceiling fan instructions.

Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fans Troubleshooting

Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fans Troubleshooting is not an easy task, you may read more information below.

Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fans Troubleshooting

You may think that it is an unimportant statement but firstly, you need to diagnose a problem. The customer has to identify the problem. You can face one of the common issues like humming or whirring noise. If you come across a humming noise then you may face the problem of blades alignment. It is because of the dirt that accumulates on the top of the blades. It may take years to gather this dirt and end of the day you will face whirring or humming noise. If you hear humming sound while your fan is moving then you should check your blades are warped or twisted. You can perform this task by using the measuring tape which can determine the distance of blade to the ceiling. It is a common rule that all of the blades should be at an equal distance.

If they appear one or more than one inch away from its destination then you have to solve the issue. In order to perform this task, you have to use the blade balancing kit. It will help you to identify that which blade is having a balancing issue. If you do not have a balancing kit then you have to contact Lowe’s or Home Depot store if you want to purchase it. Apart from this issue, you may face other issues like remote control, wiring, and light kits etc.

Troubleshooting Harbor Breeze Remote Controls

  • When you go through troubleshooting then it is one of the common issues you may face while using a Harbor Breeze ceiling fan. There are few steps which you can follow to troubleshoot.
  • Firstly, you have to make sure that batteries are fresh. Whether you bought them a week ago still try to buy new batteries and give them a shot.
  • Secondly, you have to check whether they come along with some programming options or not. Try to find a reset button too. Open the back of the remote and check where to put the batteries. You should check a reset button there too.
  • Thirdly, if you do not find programming then go for the dip switches. You may find a dip switch in the fan as well as remote.

Harbor Breeze Replacement Fan Blades

If you ever troubleshoot your Harbor Breeze ceiling fan? After doing troubleshoot, you will come to know that you may need Harbor Breeze replacement fan blades.

Things to consider before purchasing Harbor Breeze Replacement Fan Blades

  • When your ceiling fan makes humming noises, did you make an attempt to troubleshoot?
  • When you have used a blade balancing kit, is your ceiling fan blades twisted?
  • You should check the distance between the blades in order to see that if your blade is warped or not. If it is, then it will be closer to ceiling about an inch.

After going through the balancing kit of blades or troubleshooting and your problem persist then you need to find out that whether the blades of your fan are twisted or not.

Firstly, use your measuring tape in order to measure the distance from the ceiling fan to the tip of the blade. Every blade should have the same distance from the ceiling. At times, the dust starts building on the top of the blades and gather there. If they do not get proper maintenance then they start to warp because of the dirt. They accumulate this dirt over the years and start to warp while using. You may notice that one blade is looking longer than other blades. Then you need to use blade balancing kit to highlight the problem.

How to replace Harbor Breeze ceiling fan blades

In order to replace the ceiling fan blade, you have to find the blade of the same length. Additionally, you have to match not only color as well as decor too. The customer has to contact Home Depot’s online website or you can also contact the manufacturer. If you fail to get this replacement part then you have to go with a universal ceiling fan blade. It is because you do not have any other choice. If you want replacement blades then you have several sources to contact. We can include Home Depot, Amazon and also google other sources. After going through these sources if you still do not find an exact match. Then you will have to buy a universal blade.

Everyone prefers to change his existing blade with the same color blade. There is another problem you can face while changing the blade. If you do not find the blade of the same color then you will get a mismatch blade. It will look strange when your fan will move. There is an advantage of choosing Harbor Breeze that they do not have too many different colors. You can easily install Harbor Breeze blades because it is also easy.