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How to Prevent Wobbling Ceiling Fan

It is quite simple to prevent your fan from wobbling or warped blades. The main reason is with the passage of time, the fan accumulates dirt and dust on the top. This is a common reason and it is unknown for most of the people. You may not be able to look that dust because of the alignment of the fan during the spinning. But the dirt and dust are one of the common reasons that cause the blades to warp. Most of the house owners do not have any idea about it and it leads to bend on a Wobbling Ceiling Fan.

Steps to Avoid Harbor breeze Wobbling Ceiling Fan

If you want to stop this then try to clean the fan every six months or so. If your fan is heavily used then you need to do it twice in the six months. Use a cloth with water to clean the fan because it is one of the easiest ways to perform this task. You can also use a slightly wet cloth. Additionally, if you possess an electrostatic cloth which picks up the dirt well then it is the best way. Just use a slightly wet cloth and do not try to use soap or other chemicals. It is for the sake of your fan’s finish because it can damage the finish. First of all, you make sure that the cloth is clean. It is because the dirty cloth will start wiping things on the fan.

Once you are done with top and the bottoms of the fan blades then wipe the rest of the fan too. In order to perform this task, you do not need to remove the fan from the ceiling. You can wipe those things which are easily visible including a motor housing and motor mount. You should wipe down the blades and the fan often it will remove the dirt and dust. If it will remain on the top of the fan then it will lead to the warp of the blades.

Use a Blade Balancing Kit to Resolve a Wobbling ceiling fan Issue

If your Harbor Breeze ceiling fan starts experiencing wobbles then you should use blade balancing kit. It will resolve your issue and it has instructions that how to use it. Your task is to identify the warp blade by using the balancing kit. You cannot figure out it with human eye because the blade is unbalanced by a few fractions of an inch. It will make the whole fan wobble while spinning. Firstly, take a closer look at the fan and spin it slowly then identify that if any blade is out of alignment. If you go through the wobble then you may find the blade which is causing the wobble.

After doing it, try to use the blade balancing kit to determine which blade is causing the problem. When you figure out the blade which is making an issue then try to repair it by tightening its nuts and bolts. Also, clear the top of the fan blades to make it balanced. In the worst case, you will have to purchase the replacement fan blades in order to replace the warped blades. It is an easy task to replace the warped blade and you need to unscrew the correct screws or blade bracket.

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