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Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Wiring

Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Wiring Tips

Are you facing any problem while using your Harbor Breeze ceiling fan? You may face one of the following issues:

  • While installing Harbor Breeze ceiling fan you need an extra hand for wiring and installation.
  • If you want to repair a fan which is not working properly and you feel that it has a wiring issue.
  • You desire to uninstall ceiling fan.
  • There is power surge and now the fan is not working properly. There is a chance that it may or may not be a wiring problem.

If you want to separate your ceiling fan because of wiring problem. Then we suggest you have a multi meter along with you. It can help you to identify that whether there is a break in the circuit or not.

Assessment out of the Fan Box:

  • You will find the wire hot which is black in color. Its hotness shows that it has a current inside it.
  • There is a wire which we call a neutral wire which is white in color.
  • A ground wire which can be made of copper, brown or black.
  • A switched-hot which is red in color.

You have to match the running wires from the box in the ceiling with the green wires. And ground wires should be connected with the bare ground wire. You can also find blue wires there which are for the support of a light. Additionally, the customer can cop both leads with wire nuts if not using these ends. Connect the black wire on the fan to the red wire from the ceiling. If black works decently then try to connect black to red. After doing that connect the green to green and white to white.

Representation of Colors for Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Wiring:

Hot wire = Black

Neutral wire = White

Ground wire = Copper

Switched-hot = Red



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