Harbor Breeze ceiling fans

Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fans

If you want to get rid of an expensive air conditioner in this age where it is difficult to make ends meet. Then it is necessary for you to buy a ceiling fan from one of the best manufacturers in the market. You will be happy to know that there are several companies which are selling quality ceiling fans. Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fans are one of them which makes your money valuable. This brand is only available at Lowe’s but they are sellers but not the manufacturers. Additionally, they are replete with the variety of fans where you can buy costly as well as cheap fans. The cheapest fan is of 24.98$ but you can also get a fan according to your choice by adding some money into it. Whether you buy a costly fan or cheap one the quality remains the same.

Harbor Breeze Website

Lowe’s is selling this brand therefore, we consider Lowe’s as Harbor Breeze website. The customer will get the best quality because they are built on high standards. Additionally, you can get additional features with those fans including remote control and energy star labeling. It is because these fans have motors which give life time warranty. Harbor Breeze ceiling fans can save you hundreds of dollars and it will minimize your bill expenses. They also save your money when you replace them with your air conditioner. We cannot compare fans to air conditioner because fans give cooling to you and air conditioner cools the room. Therefore, if you want to minimize the temperature of your room then you have to buy an air conditioner. In this way, you can still save some money by turning it down. The fans will do the rest of the work.

How to Choose a Harbor Breeze Fan

If you want to buy a Harbor Breeze fan then you need to measure the size of your room. In smaller rooms, you should go for 42-inch ceiling fan. We recommend 52-inch ceiling fan for medium or larger rooms. You have to pay attention to your decor too because the modern model will not be suitable for traditional furniture. When you are willing to buy a lighting fixture then you should go through your wiring. It will be easy for your electricians who will hook up your fan. The case studies of the fans show that there is a connection between the blades shape and airflow. Therefore, you should examine its cubic feet per minute numbers to get the idea of airflow of the fan. The fan that has more cubic feet per minute can create more airflow.

Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fans Company

As we know that Harbor Breeze company is a part and parcel of Lowe’s. Lowe’s is a store which is located in the United States and was established in 1946. After August 2013, it has become a chain series of 1750 stores and they are opened in different countries. We can include Australia, Mexico, Canada and the United States in which they serve 14 million customers a week. Lowe’s is one of the top companies of fortune 500 list. It holds 56th position and contains different brands in their stores. Harbor Breeze is one of them and they have their fans as well as accessories. Lowe’s has more than 100 ceiling fans of Harbor Breeze in their stock. They contain high variety as well as unique finishes including the common brass and Bronze and high-tech Nickel.

Manufacturer of Harbor Breeze ceiling Fans

Litex Industries is the manufacturer of Harbor Breeze ceiling fans, a name that does not need an introduction. They pay heed to the quality control and they also give distribution facilities. They do not only take concepts but also produce them and deliver them. It gives a wide range of variety to the customers so that they can add style to their decor. Litex transports high-quality lighting fixtures, private ceiling fans to regional, national home centers and wholesale clubs.

Harbor Breeze’s Wide Range

There is also a wide range of the customers so that you can select your identical fan. The price of the fan encompasses from 24.98$ to 399.99$. Therefore, you can select the affordable price and get your desired product or fan. You will not find a quality difference between the fans whether you buy a costly model or cheap one. Although the company has designed most of the fans for indoor use. Nevertheless, they are replete with outdoor ceiling fans. The range of the fan is from 42 to 72 inches and most of them have a light kit as well as a remote control. As we know the sellers are Lowe’s therefore, we do not need to worry about the reliability of the products. Additionally, you will get a lifetime warranty for the electric motor and they are also durable fans of the market.

Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fans Coupon Codes

If you want to save some dollars or money then you should use 10%off coupon code by Lowe’s. The customer can easily get this off by visiting the website of Lowe’s. After going to the website you need to apply for 10% current coupon then the company will email you a coupon. Then you will be able to get a print of it because it is printable. It can take a couple of business days to arrive and you can also add tools in your purchase. You can select those tools too which you may need to install a fan and you will get 10% discount. You can also get a coupon by visiting your nearest post office. They usually have an envelope which is replete with coupons and you can also get Lowe’s 10% coupon there.

Other Sources of Coupon Codes

There are several places where you can also buy these coupons including Ebay. But we cannot guarantee that you will get coupons you may lose your money too. We suggest you to go through or contact Lowe’s support in order to get that coupon that is the best option for you.

Introduction to Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fans

Harbor Breeze ceiling fan outlet is one of those websites which are replete with information regarding harbor breeze. When a visitor goes through different websites then he comes to know that this website is full of information. The products of this brand are related to Lowe’s and they import these products from China. If you face any hurdle then you can contact their retail shop for help. If they do not look after this business you will not be able to get Harbor Breeze ceiling fan parts. We can say that it will be a hard nut to crack for the customers to get over this problem. Additionally, you can also seek help from Home Depot community forums where you contact community for help. The customer can ask or post a question in the forum and you can also ask us. Do not waste your time on useless websites to find the solution of your problem.

Harbor Breeze ceiling fans replacement Parts

Harbor Breeze outlet is searching new parts and adding to our website for your sake. Additionally, you can ask us for a part and we will try to find your relevant part. We do not add them physically but we will give you relevant material which will be helpful for you. You can also go through the house brand of Harbor Breeze parts that is, Lowe’s. Sometimes, the customer has to make a call to the support of Lowe’s or Home Depot in order to get the desired part. You can also get it from different local stores and they get it from Lowe’s or Home Depot. Therefore, it is better you buy it from Lowe’s because it is the brand house. After building this outlet, we are thinking to give you possible support. We will try to talk to the suppliers and will provide you the relevant parts.

Harbor Breeze Light Kits

You will be happy to know that we Harbor Breeze also offers light kits along with fans. The customer who wants to buy a light kit then he should have a fan which is adaptable to light kit. In order to check this, you have to go through the instructions which came with your Harbor fan. If you do not own this kind of fan then you have to buy it from Lowe’s. When you find it difficult then you have to contact the customer support of Lowe’s. It is also a customer support of Harbor Breeze. You will find that customer support number on our Harbor Breeze outlet. In addition, we also recommend you to buy the lighting kit of the same brand. It is because of the fact that they design it for the same brand and it is also identical.

Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Company Information

There is a great relationship between two companies which are Lowe’s and Litex. In this way, the customer gets a quality ceiling fan at a reasonable price. Additionally, you can easily get the replacement parts of these fans from Lowe’s store by asking them. The seller of these fans is only Lowe’s. Litex is a reputable company which designs fans for other brands including elite and elegant Ellington line of fans. It means that you may be familiar with Litex designs whether you notice it or not. If you are looking for an impressive design then you can find it at Lowe’s that is Litex’s Ellington line of fans. Ellington also provides us fans which are traditional.

Variety of Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fans

When you go through the variety of Harbor Breeze fans you will come to know that they offer different styles, finishes and prices. The range of 40-100$ highlights the mediocre and traditional fans which are in brass and white finishes. There are some additional models which feature the Cheshire, Lakeside and the Calera. If you are looking for this range then you will get New Orleans and an energy star rated fan which costs 40$. It is the best deal for you. If you maximize your range up to 100$ then you can get unique designs as well. They include several artistic and modern designs including the Tiempo, the Bedford, and the Bellhaven. We cannot exclude the striking designs of Soleil and Knightsbridge.

Features of Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fans

Harbor Breeze ceiling fans are replete with features including uplights, energy star labeling and remote controls. You can take advantage from their manufacturers because Litex tends to design quality fans. You can get these fans at reasonable prices with these features. Additionally, we cannot compare them to costly Casablanca or Emerson because they are sublime fans.

Harbor Breeze Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Q: The motor of the Harbor Breeze ceiling fan has stopped working and the motor is under warranty. How can I get service or brand new motor for my fan?

A: If you want to get the warranty then you have to contact its manufacturer. This outlet cannot help you because we are not the manufacturer or creator of these fans. Therefore, do not contact us in this perspective because we do not own any resources or parts as well. We also do not give the services of repairing anything. If you require warranty help then you have to contact the support of the manufacturer directly. You will find the phone number of the support on our website. In order to claim your warranty, you have to contact 1-800 number. They can request you to bring the fan to their for service or replacement. We cannot help you in this regard because we are not the manufacturers.

Q: My Harbor Breeze ceiling fan is not working or moving. What should I do or contact?

A: Firstly, you have to check the power whether there is power to Harbor Breeze fan or not. You need to check the switch from behind, to determine the power. Secondly, you should open up the wall or wall box. Then you need to verify the neutral or ground connections as well as power connection that they are wired up correctly. Use a multi meter to make sure that there is a complete circuit. Thirdly, you have to check the power supply under the canopy. Note: If you are not bold enough to deal with this situation then do not let yourself in danger.

Q: Where can I get a replacement light globes or parts for my Harbor Breeze ceiling fan?

A: If you want to find a relevant part of Harbor Breeze fan then you need to contact Lowe’s. As we know that Lowe’s is the only seller of Harbor Breeze fans because it is their house brand. Lowe’s are the only ones who have the access to these replacement parts. The customer can call their customer service number or visit their local store. When we find a replacement part of Harbor Breeze we add it on our website on a priority basis. Lowe’s is your best option to get Harbor Breeze ceiling fan parts. It is because of the fact that there are no other stores which contain these parts.

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